Inglesina Facebook Campaign

Inglesina, an Italian manufacturer of baby products, wished to increase brand awareness in the U.S. in order to pave the way for sales of a brand new stroller. The client initially approached Metal with the idea of developing a new, community-based website which would be used to generate an advocate base in the U.S. The plan was to create a direct mail campaign to invite existing customers to participate with this new site. With a list of just 12,000 names the client knew that they could expect a response of about 250 participants. In lieu of creating a costly new site and producing 12,000 mailers, Metal advised the client to capitalize on existing Social Media outlets. Metal created a U.S. Facebook presence for the brand and developed a Sweepstakes campaign to draw expectant and new mothers to the community. The results? In just six weeks Inglesina acquired over 2800 new fans who could then be nurtured with additional brand communications.

Project Type

Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Brand Awareness