CareMessage was in its infancy as an organization, and had achieved remarkable success in acquiring new customers and partnerships. These efforts, however, had been primarily relationship-based successes, and therefore not scalable in terms of reaching desired sales levels. As such, CareMessage was actively seeking a partner to help drive marketing objectives.

The short-term goals were to: 1) Execute small-scale campaigns that would provide enough learning so that larger-scale campaigns could be executed with some measure of predictability; and 2.) Set the wheels in motion for establishing CareMessage as a thought leader in the low- income, patient-centered care arena. 
After a discovery phase which included interviews with sales reps and customers, Metal helped CareMessage refresh their website structure and content, and build out a content library which included infographics, blog posts, case studies and white papers. Once this was complete, we began targeted campaign development and testing including Public Relations, Social Media and high-touch direct marketing. A few notable results from our work include LInkedIn ad campaign results that were 6x benchmark, and a >17% response rate to the video mailer.
Project Type

Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Content Development, Social Media Marketing