Creative ideas that solve business problems.

Nothing gets our creative minds going like a good business problem. While we love creating a pithy line or an eye-catching campaign, what really inspires us is being “invited to the table,” asking all the right (and tough) questions, then going to work, until we find that elusive, thoughtful creative solution that makes perfect business sense. Maybe it’s about getting sales reps in the door. Or finding a way to engage a hard-to-crack audience. Or, maybe it’s something that’s multi-faceted and a bit ethereal. At Metal, we approach every problem and project with the left and right sides of our brains working in concert. After all, creative thinking elicits smart strategy—and smart strategy inspires great creative.


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Our business was built on a creative idea.

Metal Creative has been a virtual agency since before virtual agencies were a thing. In 2001, just as the dot com bubble burst, Marilé (pronounced Mare-ih-lay) Borden left the big agency world and began her career as a freelance Creative Director. She quickly discovered that there were an awful lot of companies who needed to fill the pipeline, but no longer had the budget to support big agency fees. Marilé also knew a lot of really talented folks who, like her, were setting out on an independent path. She realized that if she could assemble the freelance talent and package it up for her clients, she might just have a new kind of agency: one with no office space, no overhead and no allegiance to the status quo. She decided to call it Metal. The “M” is for Marilé, our Principal and Creative Director—and the “et al” is for the great network of talent that has helped us deliver exceptional, full-service marketing communications for two decades.

The right-sized team for any project.

You need a team of 20 to create an integrated brand campaign with a less-than-ideal budget? You got it. You need a copywriter to punch up the back of a postcard by tomorrow? We’re on it. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, you can rest assured that you will always have the left and right brains of our leadership team ensuring that your unique objectives are met.

Marile Borden
Creative Director
Marty Smith
Account Director
Holly Madden
Lead Copywriter

What you can expect when you work with Metal.

  • Fair Pricing

    Work is estimated on a project-by-project basis. Estimates are based on the hours it will take the team to get the job done.

  • Exceptional Communication

    Responsiveness is an agency-wide priority.

  • Efficiency

    Our agency structure keeps us more nimble than the traditional agency. We set timing expectations up front, and stick to them.

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