Creative ideas that solve business problems.

While we love a pithy line or a beautifully designed work of art, we know that the goal of marketing is, first and foremost, to meet a business objective. Sometimes it’s increasing brand awareness in a crowded market. Sometimes it’s getting sales representatives in the door. Sometimes it’s demonstrating thought leadership or engaging audiences. And sometimes it is something completely different. That’s why, at Metal, we approach every project from both the left and right sides of the brain. In our view, strategy can be creative, and creative should be smart.


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Our business was born from a creative idea.

Metal Creative has been a virtual agency since before virtual agencies were a thing. In 2001, just as the dot com bubble burst, Marile Borden left the big agency world and began her career as a freelance Creative Director. She quickly discovered that there were an awful lot of companies who needed to fill the pipeline, but no longer had the budget to support big agency fees. Marile also knew a lot of really talented folks who, like her, were setting out on an independent path. She realized that if she could assemble the freelance talent and package it up for her clients, she might just have a new kind of agency: one with no office space, no overhead and no allegiance to the status quo. She decided to call it Metal. The “M” is for Marile, our Principal and Creative Director and the “et al” is for the extraordinary group of wise, creative and hard-working individuals that we are proud to call part of our extended team.